Land of Memory

"Land of Memory" is a project centred on the Greater Region territory and, more specifically, Belgium, France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. Receiving subsidies from Europe and Wallonia, the project emerged from a consortium between the regional representatives and tourism federations: the Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Liège (FTPL), Fédération Touristique du Luxembourg Belge (FTLB), the Office Régional du Tourisme des Ardennes Luxembourgeoises (ORTAL), the Comité Départemental du Tourisme Meuse (CDT Meuse) and the Office du Tourisme du Grand Verdun (OT VERDUN). 

The project focuses on the two world wars, the interwar period and the foundations of Europe as we know it today. It takes a neutral, educational approach designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. 
The aim of the project is to lead a number of diverse actions, such as setting up a website, organizing an exhibition or road show, or promoting the memorial sites in these regions, whilst also creating sightseeing tours for groups and, in parallel, training specialized cross-border guides who will then be capable of taking the project forward.
Interested in going on a journey of remembrance off the beaten track? The "Land of Memory" team is the ideal partner to guide you through the province of Liège, Belgian Luxembourg, the Oesling (Eislek) area of the Luxembourg Ardennes (LUX) and the department of the Meuse (FR). Be inspired by our choice of programmes, tailored to your needs, and explore the region in search of your history.


Our Tours

  • "The ultimate commemoration in the Greater Region": covers the main tourism sites in each region taking a broad approach to the two world wars whilst exploring the unique experience of each area. Visit the best-known landmarks in Liège, Bastogne, Diekirch, Verdun and many other key historic sites... An extraordinary and rich experience.
  • "Battle of the Bulge": Primarily centred on the Second World War and more specifically on the Ardennes Counteroffensive, this programme offers you the chance to retrace the key episodes of this period in late 1944 and to discover or re-discover both the legendary and lesser known sites of the Greater Region.
  • "In the land of the poppies": Discover the main battlefields and acts of resistance of the Great War. Find out more about not only the joys and encounters of this era but also the trauma and legacy of this painful war.
  • "It could have been you...": a product designed for school groups that offers a more tangible understanding of facts read in history books. "Finally a face to the story... Your story!"
(Valid throughout the year, subject to availability)


  • A single point of contact guaranteeing comprehensive, personalized service.
  • "Turnkey" delivery of your trip: we organize every aspect of your group trip, from booking to payment.
  • A dynamic and multilingual team (FR-DE-NL-EN-ES).
  • The skills and knowledge of our field professionals, true specialists in their area.

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