Covering no less than three different regions, the Ardennes is omnipresent in Belgium. Although its territories are all unique and each have their specificities and assets, they are nevertheless complementary and allow tourists to enjoy a comprehensive and varied offering.
The Liège region boasts Liège, its Ardent city which never sleeps, Spa, its world-famous spa town, and exceptional natural sites which will transport you from one corner to another in a whirlwind of adventures.
Reach summits in the Namur region by storming the citadels of Namur and Dinant, which are two of the most prestigious sites in this region. The area is also famous for its agriculture and its extraordinary cultural heritage.
The richness of Belgian Luxembourg comes predominantly from the charm of its small villages, such as Durbuy and La Roche-en-Ardenne, as well as the beauty of its vast and innumerable expanses of fields and forests, not forgetting its gastronomic delights.