The French Ardennes, its Ducal place, and its Sedan Castle
  • Place Ducale - Charleville-Mézières
  • Place Ducale - Arcades
  • Château Fort de Sedan
  • Château Fort de Sedan - Inside

This territory contains two exceptional cities: on the one hand, the inescapable city of Arthur Rimbaud, Charleville-Mézières, which is centered around an architectural gem from the seventeenth century, the Ducal Palace; on the other hand, Sedan and its Medieval fortressthe largest in Europe—which can be visited by day and by night, by torchlight!
  • Ardennes forest
  • Ardennes forest
  • Sanglochon sausage
  • Sanglochon sausage

Although the French Ardennes are famous for their breathtaking landscapes, or their enchanted and green forests, they are also renowned for their gastronomy and local products! Charcuterie and cured meats are certainly part of the culinary heritage of this region! Enjoy the best of the Ardennes' home-grown produce: game terrines, rillettes, cooked dishes, bacon salad, etc.
  • Route of Legends
  • Statue of the Four Sons Aymon

Follow (if you dare) the famous Route des légendes to discover one of the most mysterious aspects of this region. This route will not fail to activate your imagination and transport you to the land of legends and fairies. Along the way you will see exceptional sites where the most famous legends of the Ardennes were born. Keep your eyes peeled and remain alert! In this enchanting country, it is customary to say that a legend lies under each stone!