Montagne de Bueren

  • Montagne de Bueren - La nocturne des Coteaux
  • Montagne de Bueren - Liège
  • Montagne de Bueren - Liège
Montagne de Bueren - La nocturne des CoteauxMontagne de Bueren - LiègeMontagne de Bueren - Liège
For HuffPost, one of the most extreme staircases in the world!

Offering an exceptional panorama of Liège, the summit of the Montagne de Bueren is worth a visit! This staircase, which is composed of 374 steps with a gradient close to 30%, will seem inaccessible before starting your "ascent". Yet, once you have conquered the first steps, you will only have one objective: to get to the top!

Selected among the top ten most extraordinary staircases in the world, this site is unquestionably one of the unmissable sites in Liège.

Constantly open to the public, it regularly hosts major events, such as "La Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle" or "Bueren en fleur".

Although this staircase is one of Liège’s top attractions these days, its original function was very different. In fact, this work of art, which was characteristic of the breakthroughs of the 19th century, was part of the city’s defense and linked the citadel’s barracks to the city center in case of invasion.

This name of this flight of stairs recalls the aborted coup of 600 Franchimontois. Led by Vincent de Bueren and Gossuin de Streel, they attempted, on the night of 29 October 1468, to capture Charles the Bold and Louis XI. But contrary to what many people in Liège think, the 600 Franchimontois never came to this place.
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Rue Montagne de Bueren